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Smile it'll be over soon

‘Smile, It’ll Be Over Soon’ is a 4 part horror audio drama inspired by the popular creepypasta of Laughing Jack.

Hannah and her mother Jade moved into a new home with Jade’s new partner, Johnathan. Unbeknownst to them, their new home is the same place where the original story “Laughing Jack” took place ten years prior, and the past horrors are far from gone – only waiting for a new playmate.

CHAPTER 1 – BEST FRIENDS “Mom, you know this house was on the news right? Ten years ago a crazy woman killed her kid there.”
CHAPTER 2 – BIG IMAGINATION  “He isn’t real! she made Laughing Jack up because she has no friends, she says they play all the time in his circus”
CHAPTER 3 – STRANGE GAMES- “Do you want my help or do you want to argue? The Circus isn’t real, but the danger to your kid is”
CHAPTER 4 – THE CIRCUS- “Something horrible happened to her. Right in my home. and I couldn’t- I didn’t protect her.”

All 4 episodes are available for listening on spotify, apple podcasts, or anywhere else you get your podcasts from.

The show on Evergreen’s Killer Podcast platform:


Playwright & producer – Noga Flaishon

Director: Jack Bowman

Sound Design – Ian Geldart


Luyanda Unati Lewish-Nyawo – Jade Harper

Edina Hadley – Hannah Harper

John Dully – Jonathan Peters

Beth Eyre – Rachel Grossman & Ensemble
Niamh Blackman – Lynn Arden & Ensemble
Harry Ryan – Detective & Ensemble
Tom Kitely – Laughing Jack & Ensemble