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About me

I’m an immigrant neurodiverse, London based writer/producer.

In my writing I often borrow from the worlds of sci-fi, horror & magical realism to explore real world issues and dynamics. As a producer I thrive to create a safe and supportive work environment which is built on respect, and transparency.

I studied writing in the Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media MFA program at the Royal Central School of speech and Drama and my work has been supported by the Arts Council of England, London Playwrights Blog,, The King’s Head Theatre, The London Horror Society & The Living Record Festival, Evergreen Podcasts & AudioMarvel.

I currently work as a writer on Six to Starts mobile game – Zombie’s Run!

As well as a producer & writer at Big Finish Productions – creating audio dramas set in the world of Doctor Who.

I can legally work in the UK, EU, and Isreal.