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Bunker was performed in Camden Fringe 2021 & Edinburgh Fringe 2022.

In a desolate world, the Bunker is the last safe space known to humanity. Two women,  are stuck inside. One is desperate to leave; the other will stop at nothing to keep them there.

Described by Camden fringe audiences as thrilling, intense, and tightly written, Bunker draws from the post-apocalypse sub-genre of science fiction to examine mental illness through an allegorical lens. The show has gained support from groups such as BORDERLINE ARTS (the only Charity in the UK that focuses specifically on Borderline Personality Disorder) and STEPPING OUT THEATRE (the country’s leading mental health theater group) as well and an Arts Council Funding for it’s Camden fringe run.

“When the ending arrives it’s unexpected, but what other conclusion could there be? It’s clever and grim”The Review Hub

★ ★ ★ ★
Flaishon’s new play is satisfyingly dark and strange. The ending succeeds in being both surprising yet satisfying, as you realize the clues were there all along” – View From The Outside


Playwright & Producer- Noga Flaishon
Director – Coral Tarran
Niamh Bennet
Noga Flaishon


Show’s trailer: