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Developed during the COVID19 lockdown, Broken Link is a virtual theater production.

The show was performed in the Living Record Festival, Space Theatre & Brighton Fringe Virtual, and received an On-Comm nomination in 2021.


Megan, James, Luke and Holly meet every year in their hometown to remember James’ sister, Ellie, who died 5 years ago. This year, due to lockdown, they have to hold their yearly memorial on Zoom. Not long into their call, Ellie joins the chat.


The piece incorporates the audience’s own phone to create an immersive virtual theater experience.


“Harpy Productions have fully considered the audience’s experience at every point. In Broken Link they have presented a play which actively benefits from the streaming format, whilst preserving its theatrical construction to create an entertaining and very watchable drama.”​ – Broadway Baby


Cast & Crew

Writer – Noga Flaishon

Producer – Katie Pratten

Director – Kitty Ball


Harry Ryan as ‘James’

Rachel Chima as ‘Megan’,

Kieron Michael as ‘Luke’

Ida Regan as ‘Holly’